IDT Net2phone acknowledges my account having a balance but will not provide assistance refunding the balance.

I've had a Net2phone broadband account since before 2000. The account number was provided with a Linksys Net2phone voice broadband router. I funded the account by calling Net2phone. At the time I also had a Net2phone Calling Card account. Net2phone did transfer funds between the accounts. I had never thought that I ever delt with anyone beside net2phone.

Net2phone customer service will tell me that my broadband account balance, funded with money from the Calling Card account, is not refundable as the money transfered to the account from the Calling Card was transfered as a promotion.

Equally fustrating is trying learn which IDT reseller has responsibility for my account. IDT Net2phone claims the account is not theirs but is instead a reseller who is not identifiable.

I am still trying to get Net2phone's assistance is understanding how to get my balance refunded.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Pleas check my aconut balance


I can help you get a refund on this account.

Margie (Austin, TX) 512-341-2887

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